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Flying drones is a common practice these days. It is flown by some just as a hobby. There are a number of uses of a flying drone. One of the most important uses is for surveillance purposes. Drones have cameras which click photos of the area over which it flies. These photos can be used to fetch valuable information and are often used often security purposes or to fetch information about a secret area. Drones are finding more and more applications in the aerial photography business. Building drones have become a hobby for many now. However, drones are available in the market as well, which come with advanced feature and of high quality. In this article, we will get to know in details about the DJI Mavic Pro which is a very popular drone at present.

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Product Synopsis

The DJI Mavic Pro is a drone that is small in size when compared to other conventional drones. You need not underestimate it because of its size because the drone is very powerful which will readily help you to paint pictures of your own on the canvas of the sky! The drone will make every moment in the air special and if you are planning to go for aerial photography, this might be the choice you will never ever regret. The camera of the drone is one which is highly sophisticated.

In fact, the camera produces high-end qualities of photographs when compared to other flying cameras. The computing cores operate all the twenty-four hours and provide very high performance. The drone is equipped with a modern transmission system with a range of 4.3mi or 7kms. The drone comes with four vision cameras. Apart from these four vision cameras, it also consists of a 4K camera which is stabilized by a mechanical gimbal which operates on three axes.

The drone is easy to handle and can be operated with just a tap of the finger or thumb. The drone flies efficiently over a long distance. The biggest fact is that the drone operates efficiently from your pocket itself. This pocket-sized remote controller runs on the brand-new transmission technology known as OcuSync by DJI which operates on a range of 4.3mi or seven kilometers. It delivers video streaming at full HD 1080p. You can expect to get a smooth streaming with no interruptions. So now you will always know what is in front of you and you can choose not to bump on it!

The drone uses the technology known as Flight Autonomy. This technology enables the drone to view obstacles from a very long distance, as long as 49 feet (15 meters) at the front. The drone is capable of flying at about 22mph or 36kph. It moves while avoiding all the obstacles on its way. The drone utilizes a technology, which is known by the name of ‘Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy’. This technology makes sure that the Mavic gets to fly freely and accurately over most of the environments. The technology also enables the drone to land approximately at the same point where it took off initially.

With Mavic, you no more need to enjoy the flight for mere ten to fifteen minutes. You can fly it for a timespan of twenty-seven minutes. The camera that is built into the drone is one of its kind which delivers photos and videos of very high precision. The mechanical camera mounted on three axes uses the stabilization system. You can be assured that you will not lose a single pixel because the photos that will be delivered to you will be crystal clear and the videos will be super smooth. Moreover, the sensor itself is 4K. Thus you can only expect to achieve the results of 4K without compromising. Every shot will be about 4K. The shots can be captured at a speed of thirty frames per second. This model is perfect for the aerial photography business.

With Mavic, your shots will look like that of a pro! You will no longer need a film crew when you wish to shoot. Thanks to ActiveTrack! All you need to do is order it whom to track. In short, it is a drone that follows you. It will take care of the rest and you can enjoy shooting like a pro without much to worry about. The camera is of twelve megapixels supporting the technology of Adobe DNG RAW. This technology makes sure that you can shoot from an altitude. The photos will definitely help you in building up your portfolio. So soar high in the aerial photography business with the drone that follows you! What more? You can even click selfies with this! All you need to do is turn on the Gesture Mode. After you have turned it on, the Mavic will point at you in the air. Now all you need to do is give a gesture and get clicked!

Details and Specifications of the Drone

You have already got an overview of what the drone is capable of. Now let us take a look at the details and specifications of the model and know more about it.

  • The entire package comes in a combo pack. The package contains the original package of Mavic pro. The package consists of two extra batteries, one charging hub, and one charger for the car, one battery for the adaptor of power bank, four extra propellers, one remote controller and also a shoulder bag to carry the entire package around.
  • It is easy to fold down the entire model. It will fit into space for a water bottle. It will easily fit in anywhere making it easier for you to carry it around while you move. The transmission system known as the OcuSync allows a range of transmission of about seven kilometers.
  • The flight is safe and you can absolutely rely on it. The ability to avoid the obstacles is what adds to the safety factors. The sensor is also redundant which makes the streaming reliable and accurate.
  • It flies at about 64kmh. The timespan of flight is as long as twenty-seven minutes. The model is completely stabilized which makes sure that the video footage is smooth and uninterrupted. It comes with certain smart features which make the images and videos that are shot look professional. You can tap to make it fly and thus making the operation an effortless one.
  • The technologies of GPS and GLONASS helps in the positioning of the vision. The positioning is done precisely in both outdoors as well as indoors. The flight can be made even more effortless and easier when the flight is controlled by a phone connected to a stable and strong Wi-Fi network.
  • It comes with three lithium ion batteries.
  • The origin of the product is China.
  • The item weighs 1.6 pounds.
  • The product dimensions are 10.5 X 9.5 X 9.5 inches.
  • The operating temperature is between zero to forty degree Celsius.
  • The maximum speed of ascent is 16.4 feet/sec in the sports mode.
  • The maximum speed of descent is 40mph in sports mode.
  • It can detect obstacles at a distance ranging from 49 feet to 98 feet.
  • The flight battery runs on a voltage of 11.4V.
  • The battery takes about 75 minutes to get fully charged from zero.
  • The field of view of the lens of the camera is 78.8 degrees 28 millimeter.
  • The supported video recording modes are C4K, FHD, HD, 2.7K.
  • The supported modes for still photography are burst shooting, single shot and auto exposure bracketing.
  • The photo is of JPEG or DNG format.
  • The videos are either MP4 or MOV.
  • The shutter speed of the camera is eight seconds to 1/8000 seconds.
  • The file systems that are supported are FAT 32 and exFat.
  • The maximum size of the image is 4000 X 3000.

The Special Features

  • As already mentioned, Active Track is a special feature which allows you to shoot like a professional and you do not need a professional crew anymore. All that you have to do is tell it whom it has to track and you are done! Thus the model is a drone that follows you and is perfect for aerial photography business.
  • There is another feature known as the Trace Feature which helps the quadcopter to fly in front of the specified object or at the back of it. This feature can also be used to make it fly about in circles while moving.
  • The Profile Feature is a special feature which makes the drone fly alongside your specified subject.
  • The most interesting of all features is the Spotlight Feature in which you can easily keep the camera focused on the specific subject while the user might fly anywhere!


  • The model is very small which makes it highly portable. The size reduces to 3.27 X 7.8 X 3.27 inches in the folded condition which will be of the same size as that of a water bottle.
  • The timespan of flight is very long when compared to many other models.
  • The setting up of the drone is very easy because you do not need to screw the propellers into it. All you need to do is flip out the four legs. On getting powered, the propellers slip out automatically into their specific positions.
  • The Mavic Pro makes much lesser sound when compared to other quadcopters.
  • The model is very stable. It remains steady even while facing wind of 20 mph.
  • It can be paired up with two goggles. Each of the two goggles will receive a video feed of 1080p from the camera.
  • The flight of the quadcopter can be controlled with your hands. All you need to do is give a gesture in a specific direction and the drone will happily follow.
  • As already mentioned, the drone lands at approximately the same point from which it takes off. To be precise, it lands within one inch of the point of take-off. This is possible because the model takes a video where it has been launched initially.
  • The extremely modern transmission system that is utilized in this drone offers a transmission range of as long as seven kilometers depending on the command of the user. You can give your commands with just a push of the thumb or a tap on the screen.
  • The quadcopter offers various special features and modes which make it an even more interesting model for customers.
  • You must have heard of selfies. Mavic Pro allows you to take ‘dronfies’! All you need to do is trigger your drone with the gestures of your hands.
  • The drone can be parked in the air. You can make the camera focus on yourself and bid goodbye to the remote controller even. All thanks to the Gesture feature of Mavic pro which makes it all possible.
  • The quadcopter is equipped with sensors facing the front. This makes the model crash proof. It also makes sure that the flight is a safe one. The positioning of the sensors is such that it helps the drone to see the upcoming obstacles from a distance and thereby helps it in preventing from crashing into any of the obstacles.
  • The vision positioning is very precise. Thanks to the GPS and GLONASS technologies that are in use for the positioning to be so precise, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Perfect for aerial photography business.
  • It is a drone that follows you.


  • The camera’s field of view could be made wider. There are other models of drones which offer a better field of view.
  • The image or video can sometimes have blue casts in some lighting conditions. This could be solved by making the setting of automatic white balancing a bit better than it actually is.
  • Since the model offers so many special features and modes, you need to learn about all of these and other settings before flying the drone.

The Bottom Line

Mavic Pro is a folding drone which is a kind of drone which is gaining more and more popularity in aerial photography business with every passing day. The model is expensive, but the users seem pretty satisfied after flying them and they all seem to call it worth the price. This model is widely recommended and it is a good idea to invest on it once because you can already see that the pros weigh much more than the cons!

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