The Best Keurig Coffee Maker To Buy

Best Keurig Coffee Maker To BuyLet’s be honest: most of us really hate mornings. For the majority of the world, mornings mark the time of day where we all have to force ourselves out of bed with sheer willpower, only to go and crush that willpower through the rigors of the daily grind. Thankfully there exists a miracle elixir of sorts that can help everyone get through their day: coffee. Alright, so maybe coffee isn’t some magical drink that solves all our morning woes, but for a lot of people it certainly feels that way. Morning coffee or just coffee in general is an integral part of a lot of people’s daily routine, which is why everyone who cares should desire to make the best coffee they can, with the top Keurig coffee maker.

Of course, what makes for the best Keurig coffee maker to buy? Obviously, you might be in a rush in the morning, so it needs to do its business quickly. You probably also want it to be relatively silent, and naturally, it has to taste good. That being the case, the Keurig K55 is the best Keurig machine you can acquire for all of these purposes. There are many reasons for this, and this review will enlighten you to all of the reasons the Keurig K55 Coffee Maker is the best Keurig coffee maker to buy.

48 oz. Water Reservoir for Multiple Cups before Refills

Having to bother with water refills for your coffee can be a real pain when you’ve just woken up, or when you really just need to get your coffee and get going. That’s why large water reservoirs are a key element for top Keurig coffee makers. The K55 model comes with an extremely large forty eight ounce water reservoir, so you can brew multiple cups of coffee before having to spend the time and effort to refill your coffee maker when you would really rather not.

Needless to say, more is better, and while the K55 isn’t the Keurig machine with the absolute largest reservoir capacity, that’s obviously something you trade for size. You could always get a much larger coffee maker, but it would be much larger and take up significantly more space on your kitchen counter, and even then, forty eight ounces is still plenty large enough, so maintaining a more manageable sized coffee maker is probably for the best.

Several Brew Cup Sizes

There are a lot of different sized brew cups out there, and depending on the time of day or just how tired you are, you’ll probably want to make use of these different brew sizes fairly often. Thankfully the Keurig K55 can handle several different cup sizes, including six, eight, and ten ounce cups. While it’s true that there are larger cup sizes out there that the K55 can’t make use of, it’s hardly a detriment, considering that very few people drink thirty ounces of coffee in the morning. Potential health risks aside, cups of that size are more frequently used for larger groups. As far as personal usage is concerned, a K55 Keurig with six, eight, and ten ounce cup sizes is more than enough to take care of your morning coffee needs.

One Touch Ease of Use

As stated previously, a lot of us are cranky in the morning and we really don’t want to have to deal with anything we don’t specifically have to. That being the case, an overly complicated control scheme would really be quite the unnecessary pain. That’s why the K55 has simple, easy to use single touch controls for its operation. Part of what makes it the best Keurig coffee maker to buy is the fact that convenience goes hand in hand with functionality.

In fact, beyond just being simple, the controls are actually a guide as well. The buttons themselves are also equipped with indicator lights to help guide you through the brewing process. Of course most of us know how to brew coffee with a coffee maker by now, but just in case you’re feeling extra groggy and disoriented on a particular morning, the assistance is still there. It’s also a nice touch if you happen to be buying one of your first coffee makers for whatever particular reason.

Removable Dip Tray

This may not be one of the most noteworthy features of any particular coffee maker, and especially not a feature of one of the best Keurig coffee makers to buy, but if you’re a firm believer in the notion that any extra feature is a good one, then the Keurig K55’s removable dip tray is still something to appreciate. In reality it doesn’t actually do all that much. Have you ever experienced an issue with your cup or mug of choice being too large for your coffee maker? Well, the removable dip tray seeks to rectify that issue by providing you with the capability to fit larger cups and mugs with the coffee maker. There’s really no other function for the thing beyond that, but at the very least it’s nice to know that you have a little bit of free reign with the size of your choice in cups, because nothing is worse than knowing you can’t have as much coffee as you want simply because your cup or mug is too large for the machine itself.

Diverse Drink Capability

So, this entire review so far has really just praised the K55 as the top Keurig coffee maker, and while it is one of the best coffee makers around, that isn’t all it is limited to. After all, some of us don’t like coffee nearly as much as we do other drinks, and if that’s the case, why settle for a machine that can only make coffee? The Keurig K55 is perfectly capable of producing other drinks, such as tea and hot cocoa. Needless to say, the mere potential to indulge in other drinks automatically makes the Keurig K55 even better than we thought it was, adding just one more reason as to why it one of the best Keurig coffee makers to buy.

Automatic off Function

When you’re in a rush to get out the door in the morning or you’re just a little to groggy to remember to do it, you may accidentally leave your coffee maker on. This may not be an incident of catastrophic proportions, but it’s something that could ruin a perfectly good Keurig brewer model or just make a mess in your kitchen.

Keurig is aware of this, which is why they installed their Keurig K55 with an automatic function for turning off the machine, just in case you ever forget to. While there is a default setting for this, you can actually program this auto feature to take action whenever you desire it. That way you can have it stay operational or turn itself off on whatever timeframe you want, adding just one more reason to consider the Keurig K55 as one of the best Keurig coffee makers to buy.

Features and Specifications

  • Capable of using K-cup pods of various sizes, including six, eight, and ten ounce pods
  • Equipped with a forty eight ounce reservoir that allows you to brew several cups of coffee, tea, or cocoa before having to refill
  • Simple and easy to use one touch controls not only guide you through the brewing process, but make morning coffee a simple convenience
  • Automatic off function allows you to program the coffee maker to turn itself of after a set period of time of your choosing
  • Removable dip tray allows you to fit larger cups and mugs with the coffee maker than usual

Best Keurig Coffee Maker To Buy

Customer Reviews and Scores

Now, one person (AKA me) can say all he wants about the quality of a product, but very few of us actually take the words of one individual at face value, especially when it comes to spending money on something we want. Whenever it comes to deciding whether or not something is worth our hard-earned money without actually being able to test it out first, we usually base our decisions on the general consensus reached by other people who have actually tried it out, and that’s the way it should be. Thankfully the Keurig K55 has plenty of reviews and scores for us to look at.

On the whole, the Keurig has very favorable feedback from the reviewers that have used it. Of the four thousand three hundred and sixty reviews on Amazon, sixty nine percent of them are five star, and only thirteen percent are one or two stars. On average, the Keurig K55 has a total review score of four point three, speaking volumes of its quality.

Needless to say, there is a much larger satisfied majority of Keurig K55 users out there, many of which had nothing but praise for their coffee makers, including, “The Keurig is quiet, fast, and it holds a nice 48oz reservoir of water so it’s always ready to go. I’ve tried other single brew coffee makers and they have all let me down” and “Even my nice $149.00 Cuisinart coffee maker can’t compete with this when it comes to taste of my brew and speed. “

Of course, no product is without flaws, and even though the K55 is one of the top rated Keurig coffee machines, it has still failed to please everyone. There are some individuals that weren’t happy with their K55, for various reasons. The primary malcontent across this small percentage of irritated customers seems to revolve around the amount of time the K55 functioned properly before encountering issues. This is fairly obvious in their reviews, with such claims as “Quit working after 4 months” or “just over five months of use and it is gone.”

Granted, that sounds like a fairly serious issue, but considering the eighty three percent of customers who didn’t experience this problem, it seems like the problem is mostly a small one that isn’t affected every Keurig K55 coming off of the assembly line. It’s more likely that these issues with longevity were caused by accidents, misuse, or simple neglect.
That said, the Keurig K55 has many advantages with only the potential to have a few disadvantages. While there is no guarantee that you won’t experience the same issues as some of the more disgruntled customers, their issues do seem to be mostly isolated and not widespread.


In short, the Keurig K55 is one of the best Keurig coffee makers to buy. It’s no surprise really, considering how long Keurig has been in the coffee business, and how long they have been producing quality coffee makers for a society that sorely needs them to get through the day or just enjoy a hot cup of tea or cocoa. What makes the K55 the best Keurig machine is simply the plethora of small yet undoubtedly helpful features it provides. Would you rather not have to refill your coffee maker after every single cup? Done. Just fill up its extra-large water reservoir and you’re set for a nice long while. Having an issue with the size of your cups and mugs not fitting your machine? With its removable dip tray you can accommodate your favorite container regardless of its size. Not to mention the K55’s ability to handle all K-cups of sizes from six to ten ounces, whether that’s coffee, tea, or cocoa.

Of course it has some minor issues, but they are mostly issues that are a distinct rarity, affecting hardly more than ten percent of the consumers that make use of a Keurig. Besides, if you were really worried about being within that small percentage of unlucky few, you could still procure a warranty at purchase to ensure that your soon to be favorite coffee maker stays in service for as many years as it takes to keep you going, without a doubt making it one of the best Keurig coffee makers to buy.


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