Electronic Door Lock System

In this post let me introduce you to the Schlage Keyless Lock which is undoubtedly one the the best front door locks hat you get in the market. First of all, let me make note of the benefits of using a key less lock in the first place :

  • You will never need to carry keys. No more leaving keys behind
  • Easy access codes for everyone
  • Manifold security
  • Customized alarm system
  • Remotely accessible

keyless entry locks Your Fingerprints Remain Yours

The Schlage Connect Camelot comes with an anti smudge fingerprint resistant touchscreen that does not let your finger impressions remain on the digits while you enter the codes. Guessing your access key hence becomes next to impossible. You would not need to worry about leaving clues behind for others to guess.

Shout Out Loud

A tamper will trigger an alarm – that is a very regular feature for any key less lock. But how about an alarm sounding when anyone even tries to tamper with the lock ? Yes, the Schlage will make life a bit difficult even when someone tries a forced entry, or tries to break open your door, and that too well before they succeed. They will be greeted by the police long before they get a look of your living room.

To add to this, the sensitivity can be adjusted, so that the alarm does not sound when your pet bumps on the door accidentally. You get to decide how hard one needs to hit before the alarm hoots and how many failed access code entries sound the alarm.

keyless entry locks

The Schlage Z Wave compatibility lets you control access remotely on your smartphone or PC. Extremely easy to install, this electronic door lock system is a wise buy for everyone looking for added security. You will like it not only for its functionality, but also for its sleek design.

The Con(s)

The only point about this lock that I did not like is that you will need third party controller for remote Z-Wave access. Had such an application been included with this product, I am sure most buyers would perceive the product more complete.

Nevertheless, this does not underestimate the edge that this deadbolt offers. Worth its price in every way, I am sure you will benefit from its use. With alerts for every kind of usage – door entries, tamper attempts, and forced entries, the Schlage Keypad Lock is definitely worth a buy.


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