Frigidaire FRA25ESU2 25,000 BTU Window-Mounted Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner with 16,000 BTU Supplemental Heat (230 volts)

Heavy duty air conditioners are needed for cooling large rooms in homes and offices and here is where the Frigidaire FRA25ESU2 comes handy. Air conditioning literally does encompass both cooling and heating as and when required but it is rare to find air conditioners that do both. We do often use air conditioners to cool our indoors but at times we also do feel the need to heat the air during winters. The Frigidaire FRA25ESU2 eliminates the need for an additional device and provides sufficient heating for normal domestic needs. The following are the salient features of the device that we found most useful.frigidaire1Cooling and Heating Function

The device doubles as a heater during cold days to heat up your indoors in addition to the usual cooling function that all air conditioners provide. 16,000 BTU of supplemental heating capacity is enough to heat regular room sizes up to 1650 square feet.

Heavy Duty

The Frigidaire FRA25ESU2 comes with a 25,000 BTU capacity which is enough to cool large size rooms at homes and offices.

Energy Efficient
An Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.4 ensures high savings on power costs and optimum output more per unit of electrical power consumed. A power saver mode is built in so as to maximize power cost savings.

frigidaire2Other Features

  • 8 way air direction
  • Remotely controllable
  • Fresh air vent and exhaust control to eliminate odor
  • Anti bacterial mesh filter with clean filter alert
  • 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds and 3 heat speeds
  • Automatically resumes last operation mode after restart
  • 24 hour on/off timer
  • Silent operation


One major drawback of this device is that it runs only on a 230V supply and not on traditional 115 V power supplies. Most consumers will need to arrange for this kind of supply before they install this device at their locations. However, it may be noted that higher voltages usually come with better power factors, a very crucial electrical parameter, which in turn reduces power losses and hence your power costs.

Being a window type air conditioner, this device is not portable and hence must be installed at a point where it is likely to be used most. It is not feasible to change its position as and when required.

Customer Speak

Highly rated on Amazon, most reviews do speak well about the product. The limitation on its portability is usually not a deterrent because buyers generally buy air conditioners according to their need for portability. In all, it functions almost like a small scale HVAC.

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