Ice Cream Maker for Fabulous Scoops

An ice cream maker can actually save you tons of money during those scorching summer months. For those who eat – sleep – drink ice cream, here is a product that can actually come handy at home. The Cuisinart ice cream maker comes for under USD 130 and for the ice cream freaks, will pay for itself within a month of use.

cuisinart ice cream maker

Time is Money

Super fluffy ice cream in 20 minutes flat ! Yes, that’s true. The Cuisinart makes lip smacking ice cream for you in just 20 minutes. Not only this, the machine itself is fast at everything it does; be it ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet.

Start and Forget

The Cuisinart ICE 70 Ice Cream Maker comes with a super convenient countdown timer with auto shut off.  Once you are ready with the ingredients, pour them in, get the machine working and forget about it. The unit will shut itself off once its job is done. No more hanging around and waiting for the job to finish.

Not Too Much, Not Too Less

The perfect scoop always comes with the perfect mix of ingredients. The ICE 70 comes with an integrated measuring cup which you can use to measure your ingredients.

Video Demonstration

Check out this video and you will see how easy it is to make delicious ice cream at home with the Cuisinart ICE 70.

People definitely do not change and ice cream maker every month. Its always better to know as much as possible about a product before one actually buys it. he Cuisinart ICE 70 comes with 3 presets for ice cream, gelato and sorbet. The preset is nothing but a timer and a motor speed setting, deemed ideal for the respective dishes. This comes handy for the newbie, but also leaves room for a manual override for the more seasoned ice cream chef.

Good to Know

  • Its heavy and large
  • Its a bit noisy
  • The best ice cream will need you to freeze the bowl for at least 12 hours

The last point could be a turn off for most of you, but hold yourselves from jumping to conclusions.  It might seem that you will never be able to make ice cream without planning in advance, since you will need to freeze the bowl. Not so ! The ice cream freezer will do its job even if you do not freeze the bowl. Just that your ice cream will taste even better if you do.

For those with diet restrictions, this is a machine which can replace those expensive ice cream purchases. Just pour in whatever you love and leave behind what you cannot consume. The machine will make the best ice cream you could make at home.

Then how about getting yourself  the Cuisinart ICE 70 Ice Cream Maker ?

cuisinart ice cream maker


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