Where Is The Best Summer Infant Seat?

When they say ‘once a parent, always a parent’ they mean every word of it. As soon your little munchkin arrives in your hand the whole world seems upside down; of course in a positive way. Gone are the days when people only took the initiative of collecting baby essentials only after the baby arrived. Nowadays, once the good news commences, would be parents start gearing up with all the basic accessories a baby would need. Be it clothes, feeding bottles or sleeping mats, people take care of each and everything beforehand to make things easy later

With technological advancement, a lot of baby essentials have been manufactured that has eased the life of parents to a great extent. While taking the baby in a car used to be a tedious job in the past, summer infant seats are the ultimate rescuer for almost every parent in today’s date. Once installed you can take your baby to any place without any fear of trouble en-route. This not only makes the journey free of hassles for the parents but also allows the baby to enjoy to the core while riding.

It’s a fact that infants love to throw tantrums. If you are at home you can soothe the baby in different ways but if you are traveling with him, it becomes hard to manage things with the baby. But with the installation of the infant car seat, it becomes very easy to travel even long distances. The baby not only gets comfort in sitting but also enjoys his little chores while traveling – dozing off, bottle feeding or playing with his favorite toys. So installing a summer infant seat in the car is a win-win situation for both parents and the child.

Infant car seats act like the knight in shining armor not only for the people who travel occasionally with a baby but also for travel freaks. What else could one ask for other than the comfort of his baby? This is exactly what an infant car seat provides. But there come times when little munchkins while sitting like a badass in the infant car seat, start making the seat dirty while playing, eating or kicking around. By throwing random pieces of stuff on the car by the child the first thing that gets affected is the car’s seats. And no one wants to end up with a messed up interior of his car. Once the high-quality leather or similar fabric seats get damaged, it becomes hard to replace them with the same kind.

While seeing the car’s seat getting dirty is heartbreaking getting it changed with a new one is troublesome. You never know when your little kiddo will damage it all over again. Along with this, the two major issues faced by many people who have installed an infant car seat are the following:

  • Getting their car’s seat damaged by the scratches that an infant car seat can make even after a proper installation.
  • Getting the fabric of the seats or the upholstery spoiled by the scuffs and marks caused by installed infant car seat for a longer time.

These issues often lead people to change their car seat covers to make the car interior and its upholstery the same as it was before installing the summer infant seat. This is when the need of one perfect infant mat for car seat becomes extremely important for everyday use. “Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat” is made to solve such problems that people using an infant car seat face. It is a great infant mat for car seats that not only protects the seats from scratches and scraps but also gives some extra protection to the baby while lying on his infant car seat. Let’s take an insight to the major features “Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat” brings with it:

  • The whole summer infant mat is made of plastic, making it waterproof and durable enough to stay on the infant car seat for a long time. It does not give an impression of being made of fake leather.
  • It protects the car upholstery to a great extent because the material used in its manufacturing is totally water phobic and thus prevents soiling of the car’s interior and the upholstery.
  • The product is simple to use and very easy to clean by normal wiping with a damp cloth. It can be made look clean and fresh after a single stroke with a little soggy cloth or sponge.
  • The summer infant mat is made in such a way that the deeper side slots can easily accommodate latch accessories as well as the seat belts. One need not worry about the accessories it unfolds for protecting the infant seat from sliding.
  • The textured pads at the top make sure that the infant seat does not move from its place in any situation, ensuring extra security to the baby or toddler sitting in the infant car seat.
  • They also comprise of handy mesh pockets to give some extra space for keeping the water bottles, feeding bottles, snacks, and toys for the baby. Easy to reach, they are placed at the lower side of the mat so that the child can reach and take the stuff out.
  • Another alluring feature of the summer infant mat is, it is a single piece product. This eases its usage as well as the cleaning.

Since the time infant mat for car seat got invented, many companies launched their product in the market. But the question is whether each one of them is reliable enough or not for the durability and the ease of using? Parents used do every possible research about the product for their baby before making the buy. The “Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat” has proved to be as authentic and reliable as it could be. A long list of happy and contented customers is the proof that the product is of great use to a lot of people who use an infant car seat while traveling.

The extra perk of the product is it can be used for both forward as well as rear facing seats. So whether you have a small baby few months old or a toddler, this mat can be of great use in both the cases. Although it has been made to get used on a forward seat, to use it for a rear seating all that one needs is to fold the back section. So in every case, it will shelter the upholstery of the car and protect it from all possible wear and tear that are caused by the kid.

While manufacturing, the product has been crash-tested to meet the FMVSS213 Crash Test Pulse. This makes sure that it remains intact if some kind of uncertainty happens around while traveling like an accident or whenever sudden brakes are applied while driving. The gripping of the material is excellent which holds the infant car seat perfectly preventing the slipping or sliding it off. Along with the super grip vinyl front, the anchoring wedge gives extra support to the seat to keep it safe and secure without any chance of skidding. The side slots are long enough to provide an easy access to the anchors of the car’s latch along with the seat belts.

While buying any product for babies it becomes very important to look out for the materials used during manufacture. While some materials could prove to be harmful from the baby’s health point of view some are considered safe to use while making baby products. The Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat can be relied upon for such concerns as the materials used are:

  • BPA Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Latex Free
  • Lead Free

Yes, the whole product is made keeping the safety as well as the health of the baby in mind and this is the reason it is just a perfect product to splurge upon. As for now the product comes only in unisex colors and hasn’t been separated on the basis of gender. Maybe later, in the future sometime we will get to see a pink DuoMat for girls and a blue one for the boys. But the benefit of using a unisex color is it goes well with all types of car seats. Whatever the color your car seat has, a black color can mingle up with it. It can be attached to all sorts of infant car seats since standard measurements are considered during manufacture. These are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

It does not need any other spare part or any sort of batteries for working. A proper tucking with the infant car seat and the product is ready to function like a pro. Another add-on of the product is, although it is made up of rubber, it does not smell like other rubber or vinyl made products. Once a smelly product enters in the car it becomes hard to get rid of their foul odor. Another important thing which is kept in mind while manufacturing is that the mats are kept thin enough to not manipulate the installed infant’s car seat from its place. If the mat would have been thick, it would settle down with time allowing space for getting the infant’s seat to become loose and little wobbly from its place. Thus these mats not only protect the upholstery but also ensure the infant’s protection under all circumstances.

summer infant seat

Although the quality of the product and its usage has satisfied most users, some faced a few problems after detaching it from the car’s seat. The leather of their seats got damaged as the non-skid coating get peeled off after a constant usage and got stuck to the leather. Other than this a few complain that the rubber backing of the mat sheds all over the place after a few days also came forwards. Some also complain about it not being a good option for toddlers who love settling in a rear facing seat. Their legs reach up to the point where the mat does not and make the car’s seat dirty with their kicks. Other than these there are hardly any complaints from any customers.

So whether you are going for a long drive or a short trip, whether your baby or toddler is kicking up the seats with shoes or having their drinks with the leaking sippers, whether you are driving on the safest road or on highways, the Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat will provide the utmost protection not only to your ‘little bundle of joy’ but to your car’s upholstery as well. It is indeed a must have product if you love your car’s interior and especially the upholstery of it. You can’t stop your energized baby or toddler every time to stop playing or sitting for long hours but you can do something to protect the car’s interior. By placing a good infant car seat mat, one can combat a lot of troubles without any hassle and at the same time, your little munchkin can enjoy the ride as well.

If you are looking for a product that can save the car’s upholstery, the infant car mat is for you. Get one Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat for yourself and forget about the stains, scars, and scuffs baby made. Happy Riding!

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